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When friends and colleagues repeatedly came to me for money advice -it hit me. Most people don’t love math! Yet we need to make solid decisions when it comes to our dollars -to live comfortably.

Amen! With all the “noise” on the internet preaching “top ten” lists and bogus click-bait information, let’s focus on real-talk and useful tactics to get YOU ahead. No BS.

Here Are the Money Issues I hear the Most:

I want to eat out – but can’t afford it

I can never afford a vacation

Houses are so expensive, how can I buy one?

I’ll never pay off my student debt

Don’t make me cut back on coffee

Should I buy or lease a car?

While I was studying finance in undergrad, I was told money was a TOOLThat made no sense to me. What did it mean?

At the time, I used money to: 

  • Buy clothes (fun)
  • Buy food (survival)
  • Go to the movies (fun)
  • Eat meals out with friends (fun)
  • Pay phone bill (fun/responsibilities)

Can you spot the issue? Entering adulthood, my main use of money was for FUN

It took time to grasp the concept of money as a tool. By placing my cash in these below areas, my own money made more moneyWHILE I SLEEP.

  • Roth IRA
  • 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan
  • Home Purchase
  • Savings Account

Now don’t get me wrong. I buy coffee everyday, splurge on athletic wear, and definitely patron restaurants. 

BUT, I also allocate a small portion of my paycheck to “money making” systems.  

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